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Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Become the DOMINANT Company in your Market.

All it takes is one quick email. Drop us a line and tell us about the problems you’ve been facing. We’ll arrange for a FREE one-on-one phone consultation and we’ll send you an info-pack explaining how we can help you turn things around. Home Service Profits is a consulting/training service led by an expert in the home services industry who for a decade has partnered with sales and operations leaders to define learning solutions that address business priorities and bridge gaps in knowledge, competency and skills for sales & profitability.

We’ve got the skills you need to solve YOUR specific problem and what’s more, we’ll work closely with you in developing customized solutions that will provide dramatic results which are measurable and attainable.

And for Canadian contractors, the good news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of extra dollars in airfare, meals and hotel accommodations travelling to the United States where all the big contractor groups offering similar kinds of programs and services are located. In fact, with our proven systems, processes and procedures, you don’t need to join a contractor group! We’re a Canadian business and we’re here to coach you to the kind of success your company & employees deserve! (PS – American contractors are welcome too!)

What We’ll Do …

  • We’ll craft a sales training strategy that is job-specific and coincides with the key phases of your home services business.

  • We’ll develop customized initiatives that will embed client satisfaction programs into the culture of your organization.

  • We’ll design curriculum and job aids that improve performance in sales including product knowledge, sales and customer excellence techniques.

  • We’ll help establish and manage processes to operationalize the delivery of training specific to your needs and tailored to your budget.

  • We’ll help you monitor, analyze, and communicate performance data to assess training effectiveness and identify new training needs.

  • We will serve as the ‘go to’ consultant to change behaviour and improve results in your workforce.

  • We’ll help you prepare new sales representatives by conducting an orientation to sales process; developing individual coaching plans; providing resources and assistance.