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Five Days to Better Service Call Booking – Day Four

Yesterday we talked about how to overcome the diagnostic fee objection and earlier we had talked about how to vaporize the Ball Park Price Objection. Today we're going to talk about some best practices your call takers should be incorporating into their process every time…...
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Five Days to Better Service Call Booking – Day Three

Yesterday, we talked about the need for a scripted call taking process and specifically "what you can expect during our visit to your home". Most companies just find a time that's available and book the call. No relationship or value building. Nothing to give the…...
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Five Days to Better Service Call Booking – DAY ONE

  For the next five days, I'm going to post some best practices that your company can start doing IMMEDIATELY in the call centre. Why there? Because if you don't book any calls for service then you're out of business, it's as simple as that.…...
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It All Starts With How You Book Calls

You are out of business if you can't book service calls. Full stop. And yet the vast majority of home service contractors don't see this truth because the way in which they book calls is scattershot at best. Look, if someone has no hot water,…...
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