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Struggling To Make a Profit?

Psst … so are most of your competitors. Why? Because you’re all the same to most homeowners. If everyone is the same in the minds of homeowners then the only thing they will ever care about is getting the lowest price.



You didn’t start a business just to fight like crazy to make a profit. How can anyone in the contracting world make money and grow their business if they’re constantly duking it out with lower-priced competition? If you want to turn things around, you need continuous improvement in revenues, profits, and an increased market share. You need to identify problem areas in your company and you need honest, unbiased insight into what’s working and what isn’t.

You’ve got options: you could join an exclusive contractor group and pay them thousands of dollars a month for access to the “secrets of contracting”. You might attend an event in a hotel where they’ll run you through a series of presentations about why you’re treading water. They will mail out books and binders full of systems and procedures (for a monthly fee in the thousands of dollars) but then what will do you?

Home Service Profits is in the implementation business. Rather than pay $$$ to a contractor group that may not meet your specific business needs, our approach is one of coaching to success. We’ll help you identify the areas that need work and we’ll develop a process that provides measurable results. We’ll help you make changes that will have an immediate effect on your bottom line.