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Mastery of Water Heater Sales

Mastery of Water Heater Sales

Most plumbers simply replace a 40-gallon standard vent water heater with another 40-gallon standard vent water heater. Why? Because that’s how they’ve always done it … but not anymore. Learn a proven, successful, ethical sales process to upgrade that customer to a larger system or a power vented water heater. While you’re at it, get them thinking about water quality as well. Master the art of closing sales and winning referrals. This course offers a proven, successful, ethical sales process from start to finish that is designed to help your customers get what they want.

Participants will learn:

  • Powerful system and accessory package presentation that eliminate your competition.
  • Offering to finance down to the penny
  • Good. Better. Technology Advanced.
  • Creating compelling emotions to go ahead with an upgrade
  • Objection Handling
  • Selling Service Agreement
  • Asking for the business

This is a live, online course comprised of two four-hour sessions which can be booked at a time of your choosing. Participants will receive our Mastery of Water Heater Sales workbook as a PDF which you can print off in advance of the training session.



$995.00 regardless of the number of techs on your team.

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