Don’t be “Dan in a Van” or “Chuck in a Truck”. GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

In every city, in every market, there are the plumbing, heating and air conditioning, or electrical companies that dominate their competition. Maybe there’s a company in your city that consistently outperforms you and they’re 25%, 35% even 50% more expensive than your business.

You’ve probably asked yourself: Why do people spend so much money on companies that deliver the same kinds of services that you do? What kinds of processes and procedures have they implemented to make their business such a dominant force?

Well guess what? Those dominant companies are NOT delivering the same services as you – their business model is fundamentally different than yours.

How did they do it?

​Chances are, they’ve joined a contractor’s group and are implementing good business practices in everything from the way they answer the phone, to the way their technicians dress and interact with homeowners, to the way they price their services. Every one of these businesses has probably dropped “time and material” method of pricing in favor of menu-pricing or “up front” pricing. (Pricing where the customer gets to know the total for the repair or replacement before the work is done.)

They’ve banished the low-bid mentality from their business culture. They probably don’t do new home construction or commercial work unless it’s very profitable, and they’ve made the move to exclusively residential repair and replacement. Finally, they’ve realigned their interests with the interests of homeowners all across North America: time is more important than price.

The fact is, most homeowners want premium services. They’re willing to pay more money for a company that respects their time while delivering five-star service. They don’t want to wait around all day for a home service company to show up at their door. They don’t want to shell out hard-earned money to a company charging time and material when the technician likely doesn’t have the part on his truck and ‘has to go to the supplier but will be back in twenty minutes’. (Which usually turns out to be an hour plus a trip to the coffee shop drive thru window.)

Customers want to become clients. All you have to do is show them the way. We can help!