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The Massive Margins HVAC Sales System

Massive Margins HVAC Sales System

Stop dropping off bids and start booking qualified leads. Learn how to close 50% on marketed leads and 75% on tech generated leads. Sound impossible? It’s not. If you’re like most home service contractors, you get a call from a homeowner wanting a quote. You head over to their house in your pickup truck, spend about twenty minutes doing some measurements and you leave them a quote on the kitchen table.

Since most homeowners get three bids before making a decision on who they’re going to hire, that means you have a 33% chance of actually earning the customer’s business! That’s a CRAZY way to try and make a profit, yet that’s the standard in the industry

The Massive Margins HVAC Sales System will teach you how to start closing today and installing tomorrow!

Remember those companies who are at the top of the market that we mentioned earlier? Chances are they’ve developed an in-home sales system designed to show the customer features and benefits as well as guarantees. Not only that, their sales presentation is being delivered by a professionally trained salesperson who guides the homeowner through the buying process and whose sole focus is to get a today decision. Chances are he or she has a closing ratio of 50% on marketed leads and more than 75% on technician generated leads and referrals. Chances are, he or she is selling in excess of $2 million dollars in jobs each year because they have mastered their presentation.

Getting To Yes – The Massive Margins Sales System will teach you how to close … now.  You’ll learn the futility of simply dropping off bids and hoping the customer calls you back. We’ll teach you how to show homeowners that three bids don’t work because chances are they know someone who got three bids and had a bad experience with a contractor. Face it: most homeowners have been burned by a bad contractor before and they don’t wish to repeat it. We’ll teach you how to hone in on those bad experiences to show the client how dealing with your company will make the investment risk free! We’ll help you put objections to bed before the customer has a chance to think about them and most importantly, we’ll help you increase your margins by showing you the RIGHT way to price a job!

Who Should Participate:

  • Sales Managers
  • Commissioned Sales Staff
  • Selling Technicians

What We’ll Teach You:

  • The Consumer Mindset
  • The Origin of 3 Bids
  • Conversational Selling
  • One Leggers vs Two Leggers
  • Customer Survey Backgrounder
  • Features & Benefits
  • The Importance of “Is That Important To You?”
  • Guarantees
  • Closing The Door To Objections
  • Asking For The Business
  • Eliminating Buyer’s Remorse


  • Graduates’ average sale = $8,000 (If you’re priced right)
  • Targeted closing rates of 55% on marketed leads and 75% on tech generated leads
  • Annual sales per comfort consultant equal $1.2 million to $2.0 million
  • Cost of a Lead = $250 – $500*. You want to get as much value from each lead as possible
  • Assuming an average sale of $8,000, revenue from 40 sales will be at least $320,000
  • Cost of 40 Leads averages $16,000* ($400 x 40), net of new revenue = $314,000
  • Increased lead utilization means the class is paid for in less than one sale
  • Marketing expenses become less painful

3 Days at your Shop


  • $3495/day regardless of the number of students
  • The client pays the cost of instructor flight, transportation, hotel and meals
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