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Express Service Dispatching

Express Service Dispatching


Most contracting companies don’t set up appointment windows and those few that do usually only offer one. Time is money, not only for you but also for your customer because chances are, they’re missing work waiting for a plumber, electrician or HVAC technician to show up at their door. There is a better way – one that allows you to organize your schedule for maximum profitability by offering express windows for a premium price. We’ll show you how!

Participants will learn:

  • Dispatch Priority for Profitability
  • Scheduling choices
  • Right tech to the right job
  • Offering express windows to customers
  • How to price express windows

This is a live, online course comprised of two four-hour sessions which can be booked at a time of your choosing. Participants will receive our Mastery of Water Heater Sales workbook as a PDF which you can print off in advance of the training session.



$795.00 regardless of the number of people on your team.

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