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Can I get a Ball Park Price on a Water Heater?

  "Can I get a ballpark price on a new water heater?" Sound familiar? This is one of the top three calls that plumbing companies receive every single day and those calls are coming from folks who, like me, went down into the basement and…...
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Success Is A Choice. What Have You Done For Your Success Lately?

I have said on this blog, in webinars and on podcasts the following words time and time again: Fewer than 5% of plumbing, HVAC, electrical and roofing companies dominate their markets.  Think about that for a second. If there are 100 plumbing companies in your market,…...
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Stop Leaving $$$ On The Table!

Do you know what the difference between an active need and a passive need is? It's really simple: active needs are the reasons why homeowners called your company in the first place. (I've got no heat. I've got no hot water. I've got no AC.…...
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Change Or Be Changed – It’s Up To You

  It's tough work trying to make a profit in the plumbing, HVAC, electrical or roofing business. Depending on where you live, it's often a tight market and competition is fierce among home service providers. Yet in every market, there are always one or two…...
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The Male Contractor Mindset

It's out there. It likes to wear blinders. It thinks it's the smartest one in the room. It looks for shortcuts where none exist and it typically runs a business where a lot of time is spent putting out fires instead of building the business:…...
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