Yesterday we talked about how to overcome the diagnostic fee objection and earlier we had talked about how to vaporize the Ball Park Price objection. Today we’re going to talk about some best practices your call takers should be incorporating into their process every time the phone rings.

You need to track how long your technicians are at a call and they should be text messaging or calling in to your call center when they arrive at the customer’s home. That way you can determine how long it is taking them to get to a call. This is important because if you’re booking in call booking windows, you probably want to guarantee to your clients that you will be there on time. Not being on time is one of the biggest complaints that customers have about plumbing, HVAC and electrical home service companies. Think about it – they have a problem. They have called you to solve their problem. They are missing work that day for a couple of hours or more and that’s money out of their pocket. Very simply, you don’t have the right to make your customer’s sit around and wait all day for your technician to show up because you haven’t figured out how to dispatch properly. Not arriving on time is bad for the entire industry and you lose out on an opportunity to monetize those call booking windows with different diagnostic fees.

For example – if you are going to offer sixty minute service (and this should only be booked as the very first call of the day and the first one after lunch) you could be charging a higher diagnostic fee for that express service. So let’s explore how your call takers can help monetize those call booking windows:

  • Express service (60 mins)¬† – $135 diagnostic fee
  • Two Hour Window – $105 diagnostic fee
  • Four Hour Window – $99 diagnostic fee

And of course you should be offering service plans to your customers so that can reduce the diagnostic fee in each case:

  • Express Window for Service Plan Members – $99.00
  • Two Hour Window for Service Plan Members¬† – $79.00
  • Four Hour Window for Service Plan Members – $59.00

Your call center can track all of this. Your call center should be offering these windows and booking accordingly. That’s how you organize your service department for peak efficiency. Oh, and don’t forget to dispatch for dollars – the right tech to the right job based on their communication and technical skills.

It all starts with that call center. Call booking windows matter – they will make you more money and your customer’s won’t be inconvenienced. And if you’re one of those companies that likes to make customers wait all day for the technician to show up, keep on doing that. You’ll drive your customers to companies that value their customer’s time. Remember – without customers you are out of business. They deserve better.

Now go book better calls. We’ll wrap this blog series up tomorrow!