Yesterday we talked about the importance of a friendly, memorable greeting when your call takers first answer the phone. Be different sounding. Say something that is going to make your customers feel good about the decision to call your company. We also talked about resisting the urge to answer the customer’s immediate question and to begin gathering information about the customer – their name, address, phone number, email address. We talked about being empathetic as the customer is having a crappy day now that they have found they have no hot water or no cooling.

At this stage, before you go any further you need to give the customer a sense of what is going to happen when you dispatch a technician to their house. This is important because you are eventually going to be letting the customer know that you’re charging a diagnostic fee or a trip charge and yes, I know that sounds controversial because it’s going to initiate an objection on the part of the customer. Read this blog post and learn why you should be charging a diagnostic fee.

That’s right. You can’t even get a pizza delivered to your house for free so why should the plumber/HVAC guy/electrician come for free?

You need to now use a script called “Let Me Share What To Expect During Our Visit”.

CSR: Let me share what to expect during our visit to your home today. I’ll be sending you a fully trained technician in a truck loaded with thousands of parts so he can do the repair then and there rather than go back and forth to the parts supplier on your dime.  When he gets to your home he’s going to do a complete diagnostic to find out the source of the problem as well as a free safety inspection of your entire system.

Then he’s going to sit down with you and share your options and give you a “you choose” price, right down to the penny BEFORE any work is done, that way you can choose what is the best option for your home. Now to get our fully trained technician in his truck loaded with thousands of parts to your home, we charge a small diagnostic fee of only $99.00. Work is payable upon completion. We take VISA, MasterCard, Cash or Email Money Transfer. Can I make a not of how you will be taking care of that?”

Print this script off. Give it to your call takers. Get them to start using it once you’ve decided on what your diagnostic fee will be. Yes, there will be objections that your CSR has to overcome – that’s part of the job. Those objections are:

  • Why do I have to pay a diagnostic fee, I already know what the problem is.
  • Joe’s plumbing doesn’t charge a diagnostic fee.
  • What? $99 just to come out to my house?

Tomorrow’s post will look at how you can train your call takers to vaporize those objections and get that call dispatched.

Have a profitable Tuesday!