I’ve been working in home services for almost a decade and I’ve had the privilege of working exclusively for the dominant player in the market where I live. 

And baby, when I say dominant … I mean DOMINANT. This company, a plumbing, heating, AC and electrical company was already the major player in the market when they hired me to train their team more than eight years ago. But one of the reasons they hired me was because the owner of the business had fire in the belly. He recognized that in order to achieve maximum success, he needed a team that was trained to its maximum potential. He had the desire to be number one.

That’s the PRIMARY reason why fewer than 5% of home service companies in every city and town in Canada & the United States kick their competitor’s asses: the owner of the business wants to steamroll everybody.

He/she has the burning desire, the laser focus and more important than anything the freaking VISION to be number one. He/she gives a rat’s ass about his/her employees. He/she wants everyone to be successful. This business owner literally elevates his entire team’s performance by getting people to buy into their vision for success.

The other 95%? They’re content just to get by. They might want to grow their business on some level but haven’t figured out the way to do it yet or, they might simply lack the motivation. 

You know, I’ve been training men for the better part of nearly thirty years, first as a soldier in the army and then later on professionally in the private sector. What I’ve learned is this: there’s a hell of a lot of men out there who want to take a shortcut to success. I’m here to tell you right now that no shortcut exists. Only hard work. Risk. Training. Implementing systems and procedures.

The guy I worked for? He plugged into a contractor’s group and implemented all their systems processes and procedures. He recognized that in order to be the big fish, he needed to drive a company that simply utilized the processes and procedures other succcesful companies were using.

The truth of things in contracting is that because it is very male dominated, every owner of every business thinks his way is the best way. They keep saying their way is the best way all the while they are bleeding money left right and center. The first key to success is to humble yourself and recognize that, gosh darn it, you’re not the smartest guy in the room. That companies in plumbing, heating and ac, electrical and roofing exist where they are genetrating double digit growth (in the millions of dollars) each year.

One of the things I love to do is call other home service companies. And the crazy thing is that in every city I visit, I can tell based on the call which company is the wildly successful dominant player with double digit growth and which is the “Cheap Charlie, Dan in a Van, Chuck in a Truck” player …. just by how they answer the phone!

Look, you can read this blog post and say to yourself that it’s a lot of hot air. But I challenge you: pick up the phone and call your competitors. Then call your company (hit *67 first). You will be shocked to learn that you and your competitors all sound identical. But there are probably one or two companies in your market who don’t sound like you. Who answer the phone with a happy greeting that radiates confidence. They probably won’t give out prices over the phone and they likely charge an evaluation fee up front.

These are the companies that figured it out. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to decide whether you want to become one of the major players or whether you’re content with muddling through, living on the food scrapings the major players leave in their wake.

Want to change your situation? Change your situation. Make the call! Give me  a ring – you’ll get a free consulation and I’ll show you in five minutes why you’re behind the eight ball. 306-261-5195 or email homeserviceprofits@gmail.com.

So … what’s the next move? You choose.