So here’s the thing: Everybody thinks the plumber (or electrician, or HVAC tech, or roofer) charges too much. They think he lives in a mansion and makes a jillion dollars each year. He’s rich! Yet every single day, our eyes are assaulted by vehicle wraps like what you see above. Nice, huh?

It’s hard for me to reconcile the fact that most people think the plumber is a millionaire with what my eyes bear witness to each day as I drive around town: Beat up old trucks. Trucks with immature “potty joke” humor on them – because “poo jokes” are always funny, right? Here … pull my finger!

And there are times when I”m checking out different companies online and I see companies posting reviews – not a bad idea – but too often I see a review like the one below. It’s very telling about the mindset in this particular shop:

I found (REDACTED) nline, and dropped them a quick note to get a feel for how much it would cost to investigate and fix my problem. I then received a phone call shortly after, during which a very simple suggestion was made – based on their experience and expertise – which resulted in me being able to take care of the issue myself! I have no doubt that many contractors would have taken advantage of the situation, shown up at my house anyhow, and then charged me handsomely for the visit. So it’s really nice to know there are still some good people out there who you can actually trust. I firmly believe that type of service should be rewarded, so I will definitely be calling on them again whenever my next need arises.

When I read a review like that, I have to stop myself from grabbing the phone, calling that shop and asking the owner … dude, are you in business to make money because that’s what I’m in business to do. The method by which I make money is helping people like you stop doing what that review says you did.  The only think worse than giving ball park prices over the phone is to talk homeowners through fixing the job themselves. Why would ANYONE do that? And why would you advertise it? Because if I were a plumbing customer and I saw a review like that, I’d be all, SWEET! I’m gonna call up the advice line and fix it myself!

Are you in business to get by or are you in business to grow your business. It seems to me after nearly a decade working in the plumbing, heating, AC & electrical world that most companies are content to simply muddle through life. They’re happy to simply “earn enough” but the question I have to ask is this: earn enough to do what?

Folks, this is how 95% of the market thinks. If you’re reading this and you’re part of the 95% who are happy simply to “get by” then I can’t help you. As a matter of fact, keep doing what you’re doing because you’ll be out of business soon enough. Why? Because the other 5% – those companies with fire in the belly and a desire to dominate in their market? They’re going to bury you. I’ve seen it happen many times. I’ve seen shops in the 95% go under and the owners of the 5% wind up going to the bankruptcy sale and buying all the equipment for pennies on the dollar.

What are you in business for, anyway? Do you want to make money and grow? Do you want to be the plumbing help line and offer free advice on stuff you should be out fixing? Do you want to drive around town in a vehicle with a wrap that makes it look to everyone like you’re taking a crap, or do you want to grow your business, create wealth, success and happiness and reward yourself and your employees?

If you’re in the last group, email We’ll get that wrap off your truck and on the fast track to making money.