Are You Marketing On Social Media? Read This!


You’ve got a social media account … now what are you going to do with it? (Granted, that’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately as Home Service Profits has only been online a few weeks and is slowly gathering Twitter followers) So why would you even listen to what I have to say about social media?

Well, it’s like this – why are you on Facebook or Twitter? Is it because you *feel* that you need to be there? Is it to drive leads? To connect with other contractors? 

I’ve creeped (that’s a term millennials use instead of saying “checked out”) hundreds of contractor’s Twitter accounts and Facebook pages and I think they fall into maybe three categories:

1) Let’s connect with other contractors in the big brotherhood of online contracting chitty chat

2) Let’s talk DIY, shall we? (Look how nice we are – we’re telling you how to fix it yourself. See, we’re not that bad, really.)

3) To drive leads

Okay, the first one is fine if you want to use Twitter or Facebook (or any other social media venue) to connect with others. It’s a lonely world for contractors. Everyone thinks the plumber makes millions of dollars right? Oh, if they only knew the truth. Maybe you can pick up some marketing ideas to try out. Maybe you can get into a Twitter flame war about who makes the better water heater. This won’t drive business to your company and for that reason, I recommend against it.

The second one is the most common: fix it yourself Twitter and Facebook. You know what? Why don’t you business owners just open up your wallets and start throwing money away because that’s what you’re doing! Some of you even have YouTube channels filled with DIY tips.

Okay, let me be blunt. ARE YOU @#$ NUTS? Those are jobs YOU could be doing to make cold hard MOOLAH! Money! Scratch! Cash-ola! Now why the heck are you telling people to fix it themselves? 

I think one reason is because men (and it’s men who own most contracting companies) love to whip it out and show how knowledgable they are. No, I’m serious. Back in my days in the army, guys did the same thing. They’d talk about how many deer they shot last year. How many fish they caught at the lake. How many this and how many that. DIY is just the contractor version of the same thing: look at how smart we are? And cool too! We’re telling you how to fix it yourself.

Yes, yes, I know it could be argued that the fixes you are showing are mundane and not worth the price of a service visit and I say, again, with all due respect .. are you @#$ nuts? Any repair … even the lowly toilet flapper can become a repair worth thousands of dollars! Why? Because a smart contractor does a free safety inspection inside the house and he might see flame rollout on a water heater and he might say “hey Bob and Betty, we need to replace that water heater!”. All from a flapper call.

If you’re a DIY Donny, stop it. Stop it right now. You’re chucking money out the window.

Okay the last one should be the only reason you are on social media. To interact with people, to not flood your Twitter account with spam saying “hire us”! You have to be subtle on social media because you don’t want to poke the Internet Outrage Machine. To drive leads you need a compelling marketing piece that will get people sharing within THEIR social media networks. So, for example. here’s a good one: 

Win a PINK furnace! 

What a fantastic marketing idea. Wrapping your furnaces pink to support breast cancer, enlist the local media and voila! Instant marketing that goes viral PLUS serving a great cause!

Something like this is what social media was made for. Because people are seriously going to share the living hell out of it through their own social networks. Your Twitter account gets likes and retweets and follows. Your Facebook page gets likes, shares and lovely comments.

That’s what I’m talking about. To drive leads on social media, to get the phone ringing, you need to show a compelling reason for people to actually like you. Cuz, you know, they’re called “likes” for a reason and baby, on social media, the currencey isn’t dollars and cents. It’s likes. Period. Full stop.

So think hard about what you want your Twitter account to do. Same thing with Facebook. Are you in business to make money or are you in business to whip it out and show everybody how smart you are by telling them how to fix it themselves. You choose!